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Small Concrete Mixer Truck Sale

small concrete mixer truck
Small concrete truck with attractive appearance

Small concrete mixer truck sale, is a convenient and multipurpose machine for construction project. It not only can deliver concrete to construction site for wet concrete batching plant, but can be deemed as mixing engine and serve dry mix concrete plant, which is a very cost-saving concrete machine. Due to high mobility, it has given full play to its advantages in conveying concrete. Now, you will often see a concrete transit mixer for sale on the road, and the mixer tank keeps rotating all the time. Do you know why? Because cement is easy to solidify, if the mixer tank stops to rotate, cement segregation will happen. Mixer truck consists of chassis, mixing drum, transmission, hydraulic driving system, water supply system, feeding and discharging system, discharge chute, operating platform, control system, protective equipment and so on.


Main systems Of Small Concrete Truck

1. Mixer drum. The type of mixing drum used in this model is a more general structure, mixing drum adopts pear-shaped structure, cleaning water and the water added in the transportation are injected from feeding mouth at the head of mixing cylinder.

2. Transmission system. This mixing cylinder is driven by the engine, PTO at the back-end of engine take out the power and transfer the power to variable plunger hydraulic pump through transmission shaft and pass quantitative plunger oil motor, then through reducer drive the mixing drum to rotate.

3. Control system. This is control part in the whole small concrete truck, there is I-shaped groove, which is operating space of control lever, and the rear half of the slot has a limited hole used to fix the position of control lever. This control system controls corotation, inversion and rotation speed of the mixing drum, through the two levers at the rear of the truck, and finish the action of feeding, discharging and mixing.

4. Water supply system. Water supply system is used to clean mixing device. And water supply system has two types: centrifugal pump water supply system and pressure tank water supply system. We can customize a unique machine according to users’ requirement.

Working principle of small cement truck

1. Loading function principle. Concrete enters into mixer drum from conduit of cylinder verge through materials loading system, and flows to lower middle part of mixing drum under the guidance of spiral blades.

2. Mixing function principle. PTO convey the power through small transmission shaft to drive hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor to rotate and through the reducer to drive the mixing drum to rotate.

3. Discharging function principle. In the process of discharging, engine convey the power to mixer tank through PTO, hydraulic pump, reducer, etc and drive the tank body to rotate at a speed of 3 to 14 revolutions per minute; and concrete will move to cylinder verge under the pushing effect of spiral motion of blades and discharged from discharge hopper.

4. Cleaning function principle. Pressurize water tank through air reservoir of braking system, and then clean the mixing system, feeding inlet and discharging outlet, etc.

Detailed pictures of components of small truck

concrete drum
concrete drum
cooling system
cooling system
discharge chute
discharge chute

Features of small concrete trucks for sale

1. Integral blades: small friction, fast discharging and less residual. Mixer tank body adopts integral blades design, volume of the whole mixer tank is 19.6m³, effective mixing volume is 12m³.

2. Flexible connection. It can effectively remit turbulence caused by feeding materials. Feed inlet adopts flexible connection, when the discharge outlet of concrete batch plant is too high, concrete falling from a height will have a large impact force on feed inlet of small concrete mixer truck, spring damping system of discharge outlet can effectively alleviate the damage to the vehicle. In addition to feed inlet, connection between back of the truck and the whole frame is also flexible, use hydraulic linkage to connect.

3. Remote control guide slot: more secure and comfortable. Guide chute can achieve long distance remote control through hydraulic system, the environment of concrete batching plant is relatively bad, it is safer and easeful for operator to do long distance remote control.

4. Other configuration: additive tank, angular cleat and centralized lubricating system. Despite all these humanization settings, the rear guard is equipped with angular cleat. And under the tank body, this truck is equipped with additive tank used to add additive like antigelling agent. What’s more, there is centralized lubricating system, for operating condition of the mixer truck is terrible, it is essential to ensure regular and quantitative lubrication. Most importantly, this small truck is equipped with imported TOPUNION series reducers, both hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are ARK brand series products.

5. LNG vehicle type: green and environmental protection, this small cement truck can last 200 kilometers. This vehicle type is equipped with LNG tank, whose effective volume is 337 litre. And if there are 10 LNG vehicles, gas station will offer a gas holder to meet the demand of user.

Another hot type truck machine

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck
Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck


Mixing drum parameter High quality wear-resistance steel High quality wear-resistance steel
Model:Q345 Model:Q345
Drum body thickness: 4mm, End cover thickness:6mm Drum body thickness: 5mm, End cover thickness:6mm
Agitating capacity 6M3 8M3
Drum overall dimension(with frame) 5700*2500*2550mm 6600*2500*2675mm
Charging rate ≥3 m3/min ≥3 m3/min
Top feed hopper dimension ≥650 mm ≥650 mm
Discharging rate ≥2 m3/min ≥2 m3/min
Residual rate ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
Water supply Baric water supply system Baric water supply system
Water tank capacity 450L 450L
Radiator 18L 18L
Reduction gear PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology PMB7Ysp Reducer, Italy technology
Hydraulic pump Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand
Hydraulic motor Eaton 54 America brand Eaton 54 America brand
Accessory Tool box Tool box

Superiority of small concrete mixer truck

1. Attractive appearance and modular design structure;

2. Stable performance and high productivity;

3. Imported wear resistant parts and superior patent technology;

4. NC automatic welding and advanced blade technology;

5. Long service life and easy maintenance.

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Maintenance of small concrete truck sale

1. Clean feeding inlet before loading materials and keep the inlet humid;

2. Fill the water tank that comes with truck with water during loading materials;

3. After finish materials loading, it is necessary to clean residual concrete;

4. After discharging materials, wash discharge outlet and add about 30 to 40L water in concrete storage tank, on the return trip, should keep the mixer tank rotating slowly;

5. Discharge out the waste water before loading materials next time;

6. When finish the operation every day, should thoroughly clean mixer tank and those areas around the feeding inlet and discharging outlet. Ensure there has no cement and concrete block.

Users should attach importance to those works, because they have an important effect on machines’ lifespan.

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