3.5 m³ self loading concrete mixer truck

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck For Sale Was Ready To Tanzania From Aimix Group

3.5 m³ self loading concrete mixer truck
3.5m³ self loading concrete mixer

driving cab of self mixer
drum of self loading mixer
self mixer packaging
self mixer in container
shipment of self mixer

Exciting news! Aimix group 3.5m³ self loading concrete mixer truck for sale was ready to Tanzania. Our salesman had inspected all of parts and ensure the good quality.

In construction project, self loading concrete mixer is an ideal choice, because it can rotate 270 degrees, which is more suitable for large engineering area, while general concrete mixing truck only rotates 180 degrees, but its volume is not more than concrete mixer trucks’. We can offer you o.35m³, 1.2m³, 2m³, 2.5m³, 3m³, 3.5m³ and 4m³. 

Self loading concrete mixer truck specifications

Main Parameter(1.2m³) ZY 1200 ZY 2500 ZY 3500
Drum capacity 2.3CBM 4.5CBM 5.4CBM
Real concrete yield per batch 1.2 CBM 2.5CBM 3.5CBM
Productivity Up to four batches per hour Up to four batches per hour Up to four batches per hour
Transmission Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering 4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering 4 wheel driver,2 wheel steering
Tyre size 12-16.5 16/70-20 16/70-20
Engine YN Weifang Huadong Yuchai
Model 27GBZ 4105 YCD4J22T-115
Diesel Water-cooled 75kw Diesel Water-cooled
55kw 85 kw
Speed Range F1:1-8 KM/H F1:1-8 KM/H F1:1-8 KM/H
F2:8-25 KM/H F2:8-25 KM/H
R1:1-8 KM/H F2:8-25 KM/H R1:1-8 KM/H
R2:8-15 KM/H R2:8-15 KM/H
Machine weight 5200kg 6500kg 7200kg

Advantages of our self loading mixer

Perkins engine: Rated-power KW 83(111HP), And the engine mounted transversal on the rear.

Transmission: Hydrostatic bosch rexroth. Pump and motor are connected to the differentials through a 2 speed reducer, 4 wheel drive and steering.

Axles: Dana spicer with oil bath disc brakes and planetary reducers.

Brakes: Oil bath disc brakes inside differential axles. Twin independent circuits.

High pressure water pump: Self-contained. Hydraulic driven water pump, water meter, washing outlet 400t/min.

Safety: It is equipped with checking and block valves for maximum safety of the operator. Self control avoids drum to slew if shovel’s arm is lifted.

What’s more, concrete mixer truck for sale is also efficient concrete transportation, it has big volume and strong driving force, which can greatly reduce construction period, you can have a look.

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